Avoid these Casino Mistakes

Avoid these casino mistakes and youll have a great time at your local casino. Fall victim to even one of them and youll wake up with players remorse!

Casino gambling is a way of life for many people. The sounds, the excitement, the unknown. Unfortunately, for far too many people, casino entertainment becomes a huge money pit that sucks down every available dollar. You can avoid the trap by learning the fatal mistakes so many players make.

Mistake One – Lack of Game Knowledge

Most players are introduced to gambling by their friends. On the whole, with friends like that, you dont need enemies. That doesnt mean gambling is evil, but it is an expense. You probably wouldnt consider going to a movie with the thought that it might just cost you $500. Still, thats what can happen at a casino.

The best advice is to stick to a game you know and bet the table minimum. If you want to try blackjack, read up on the game first! Even a few minutes learning some basic rules will improve your chances of winning or at least keeping your entertainment expense to a minimum.


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Every mistake will cost a novice money!

Mistake Two – Needing Instant Gratification

Casino gambling is fun, exciting, and provides instant gratification, but that gratification might only be felt when you win. Playing and losing makes most people anxious, so they keep playing to get that drug-like high of winning. And, some players feel the rush just by wagering, win or lose. Thats dangerous.

Go ahead and enjoy all aspects of your casino visit, but keep in mind that every wager, whether on a table game or a slot machine, has a negative expectation. That means in the long run every hour you spend gambling needs to considered entertainment expense. The longer you play, the more you spend.

Mistake Three – Losing Respect for your Money

The more you gamble, the more likely you are to be anesthetized to the cost of playing and the true value of your money. Thats one of the reasons the casinos make you play for chips. Psychologically the chips are less likely to seem like actual money.

Regardless of how comfortably numb you become to playing for chips, respect your money and your time. Keep a grip on your gambling bankroll and dont squander your rent and food money!

Mistake Four – Drinking

Las Vegas looks glamorous in commercials with dancing girls, hunky guys and happy people winning everywhere, even when they have drinks in their hands. That might be the case, but consuming alcohol reduces your inhibitions. Basically, thats a nice way to say youre likely to do something stupid if you keep drinking.

Gaming and drinking dont mix well, unless you plan to lose all of your money and not be able to remember what happened in the morning. Be smart. Stop after a single drink and enjoy the knowledge that youll play your best game whether youre playing video poker or craps. Professional athletes dont drink alcohol on the sidelines, do they?

Mistake Five – Ego Satisfaction

When your ego drives your gaming, the results are going to be lousy. Many players who lose a little money are suddenly gripped with the ego-driven need to win back what they lost. The old adage that you shouldnt throw good money after bad, is true. There are just two things that will happen: youll quit when youre ahead, or youll quit when youre behind.

Accept the times when you have to quit a loser and enjoy your night at the casino for what it was: entertainment. Be kind to your bankroll. Losing $200 and going home at 11pm is a bummer, but its than firing-up your ATM card and heading home at 4am stuck $900.

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